New Fb Smileys 2014

Facebook now offers new smileys (also called emoticons) available chat! It really is not about the usual smileys “kikoolol.” These are called memes. The same are “smileys”, hand-drawn in the form of cartoons, which are, in my opinion, much more expressive! These smileys are also taken on a lot of sites, such as the excellent 9Gag for example!

But before presenting the new Facebook smiley, smiley little reminder that had long been available in the chat:



4 tips to preserve the battery life of your laptop battery

Save-Laptop-Battery-Life-It is a computer issues trendy in recent years (with the question “what is the best antivirus”): how should we manage the recharging his laptop to preserve the life of the battery? As recently as last week, I still had the right to nonsense about the use of a battery from a few friends. So let’s review what to do to take care of his laptop battery, how and when to recharge, etc.

  1. Tune in as soon as possible!

By connecting your laptop on AC power as soon as possible, you avoid unnecessary charge cycles and you also help extend the life of your battery. (An explanation of the charge cycle are available in end of article)

  1. Allow the battery when your computer is connected

Conventional wisdom is that you remove the battery when connecting the battery as there would be a risk of overload. This is wrong! Today, all laptops are equipped with PC control circuit that avoids this problem. In addition, letting your battery connected, you will be immunized against a possible power failure!

Some will say that the heat can affect the life of a battery, but if your pc is heated to the point, is that you may think to do a little cleaning or changing fan!

  1. Never leave your battery discharged

Above all, you should know that a battery cell dies below the threshold of 2.4 Volts. If you leave your battery discharged for a long time, your cells may fall below this threshold (due to a phenomenon of self-discharge) and thus die. It is therefore advisable to leave the battery on his computer. And, in case of prolonged storage, read the section below:

  1. In case of storage: 40%!

If you must store a battery for one reason or another, a charge level of 40% seems to be a good compromise against the self-discharge phenomenon.

So much for the advice! I hope this will help you maintain a healthy battery! For those who want to go further.

Food 3D printing, a tasty future technology

Great fact will be our food one day the product of a 3D printer? A Catalan company in Barcelona is preparing to market the first food 3D printer, which uses fresh ingredients as raw material.

Cooking a snowflake-shaped cake, or create custom ravioli, food 3D printing in the near future may become as common as the microwave or mixer.
The printer called Foodini uses capsules that allow cooks to insert fresh and prepared in the system. These stainless steel capsules can be washed and reused as much as necessary.
A touch screen allows you to program the machine. Connected to your wireless network, the printer can also be controlled by a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Emilio Sepulveda, founder of the start-up:
“This is the first version of our 3D printer for food. Quite simply, the machine takes the ingredients and product model. If we want to go further and create things like we saw in the Fifth Element and Star Trek, so tell the machine what you want with few ingredients, it will still take a few years. Currently, there is a much simpler approach with basic ingredients like flour and water, but eventually we will get there. ”

Food can be printed in any shape and any size; 1.5 millimeters to several centimeters for a tart. The capsules are scalable to multiple nozzle sizes of several forms, depending on texture.L’imprimante called Foodini uses capsules which allow cooks insert fresh and prepared in the system.
Traditional cooks see this technology with suspicion.

Luis Estrada, chocolate:
“I think the problem with this technology is that it be handled ingredients. When we, artisans, we manipulate the ingredients, we also manipulate the flavor. So I think we will never get the same as a dish prepared by hand. ”

It seems certain that this technology, whether adopted or not, will never replace the traditional cuisine.