Secure Mobile Phone Data

Our mobile phone or smartphone, contains more information about us. Yet, unlike a computer, we secure little, if any, its access. In case of loss or theft, very personal information can be read and be public. How to protect its information on a smartphone

Note the number “IMEI” phone

The IMEI is a unique serial number, composed of 15 to 17 digits identifying your phone. This is somehow the DNA of the mobile. If lost or stolen, this code is used to block the use of phone on any network. It is stated on the box of the phone when you bought it. Write it down and keep it in a safe place (not on your phone). Tip: You can get the IMEI by typing.

Always put in place a code “PIN”

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) control the SIM card (smart card inserted in the remote phone) when you turn the phone. This code locks the phone after 3 wrong codes consecutive. Tip: Choose a complicated code. No birth date or nickname

Set up a phone lock code

In addition to the PIN code, this code allows inactivate (lock) the phone after a certain time.

This prevents the consultation of information in the phone in case of loss or theft.

Enable encryption of the phone backups

To do this, use the platform settings with which you connect the phone. This manipulation will ensure that no one will be able to use your data without the password you set. This encryption prevents malicious access to Don-born stored on the computer. It also allows you to remotely wipe all data on in a phone, which provides extra security in case of theft or loss of equipment.

Do not automatically be accepted geo location

You can control when and by whom it can be geo located. Simply adjust the geo location phone settings or location-based applications (Twitter, Facebook Places, Foursquare, Plyce …). It is also possible to turn off or suspend the geo location service any time, select the contacts that are allowed to access location data. In general, it is recommended to read the conditions of use during installation location-based application. It should also pay attention to messages asking permission access to certain information that appears when an application is launched.


Question Before Hire A PSD to WordPress provider


PSD to WordPress theme conversion is the initial step to possess a completely functional WordPress website for achieving suggested personal and business results. Seem technical understanding and WordPress specialty area could be required to convert a PSD extension file right into a functional WordPress template. With relevant expertise and experience, PSD to WordPress conversion can be achieved to produce a striking website from Illustrator design. Should you not have sufficient understanding of codes, or lack WordPress expertise, it’s recommended to do the hiring of pros who can help give you the preferred WordPress design. Before employing a PSD to WordPress provider, you should think about the next aspects:

Browser & OS Support:

Before employing a PSD to WordPress provider, you need to request concerning the OS and browser support for that WordPress theme. It’s vital that you request about browser and OS support as these two are essential aspects along with a large effect on the fate from the WordPress theme. The theme must offer the most broadly used browsers like Mozilla Opera, Google Chrome, IE and Opera Small and Safari much more, the WordPress theme should also fully offer the popular OS like Home windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu etc.

Browser Compatibility:

Browser compatibility is among the most significant aspects to search for before employing a PSD to WordPress provider. If your web site is not examined for browser compatibility, may possibly not work correctly on several browsers and will not be as advantageous as it ought to be. Professional PSD to WordPress designers never lose   sight of the vital aspect, and be sure that the web site is correctly checked for browser compatibility problem. They frequently test the web site for those major browsers like Mozilla Opera, Google Chrome, and Opera Small to make sure its stability towards the clients.

Search engine optimization:

Search engine optimization is an extremely important part for any website, being an enhanced site brings more rewards than non-enhanced ones. You will find some coding practices which help for Search engine optimization of the website. If the experienced PSD to WordPress coder utilizes some common Search engine optimization coding practices while doing the conversion, it can make simpler for that web site to get rated faster within the search engines like google. For instance,

  • Small file dimensions for images
  • Adding ALT characteristics in img tags
  • Adding title attribute in anchor tags


For PSD to WordPress conversion, charges change from provider to provider because of a variety of factors. Many companies charge more for fast turnaround time others cause you to pay more for implementing JavaScript. If additional choices are selected, the general project cost would remain comparatively greater. Thus, it’s recommended to create a listing of your requirements and compare the costs of various companies for the greatest deal feasible for your PSD to WordPress conversion.

Payment Mode:

Payment mode of the PSD to WordPress provider should be recognized to complete the job with no problems. Payment mode varies, as companies are based around the world. The payment mode of the provider inside a country might vary with this of some other one out of another country therefore, it’s important to obtain a compete concept of the payment mode to prevent any inconvenience following the project completion. Clients must satisfy the preferred Payment Medium from the provider to permit the graceful completion and receiving the project.WordPress

Development Support:

You need to search for development support before employing the expertise of a PSD to WordPress provider. Development support is a vital service because it allows clients to obtain features added as the project continues to be around the development stage. The majority of the companies offer development support to ensure that clients can convey any changes once the development continues to be happening.

Simple to personalize:

Before employing a PSD to WordPress provider, you need to search for personalization options within the theme to obtain the edge. WordPress styles provide the facility of personalization, and you may make use of this excellent personalization option for the greatest from WordPress. When the provider provides the personalization facility, this means you are able to further personalize the WordPress theme for layout, colors and pictures to obtain the preferred WordPress theme.

5 Points, When Employing a Technical Support Personal for the Business


You are businessman, you have to be centered on running your company. The final factor you would like is to bother with minor intricacies. Furthermore, you would like to find away out to avoid intricacies, to ensure that it normally won’t decelerate your company later on. For this reason employing technical support is really important.

Before you decide to hire technical support, though, you need to consider numerous key elements. Ideally, you need to bring in help that may synergy together with your business and supply partner-like support. The final factor you would like would be to employ a tech support team professional that does not possess the understanding or experience. Listed here are five points when employing technical support professional for the business.

  1. Experience. Probably the most important things to consider is experience. Whenever you hire technical support, you have to make certain the IT professional or organization provides extensive experience focusing on complicated technical platforms and fixing problems. For this reason it’s important to completely fact check every applicant’s resume before you decide to hire anybody. If you’re dealing with a company, search back in a portfolio or listing of clients to obtain a wise decision.
  2. References. You’ll need, you should also make certain that you will find lots of references. You don’t only would like to get a listing of names and amounts, but you should also feel the list and call previous customers. You need to make certain to obtain positive, glowing reviews. For those who have a listing from it professionals, you are able to opt for the IT professional using the best reviews.
  3. Understanding. Another essential step to consider may be the IT support’s understanding level and knowledge of multiple different platforms. If your company is on the certain platform, you would like the technical support professional to understand everything there’s to understand about that platform. When the technical support professional doesn’t know a particular platform, they might not have the ability to supply the best support for the business. Before you decide to employ a certain IT professional or individual, you need to request regarding their level of experience.talent
  4. Cost. If your company is on a tight budget, you have to think about the cost of the certain company. The final factor for you to do is opt for an IT company that’s way from your budget. Before you decide to hire technical support for the business, make certain that you simply budget accordingly, because you’d like to learn exactly what you could and can’t afford.
  5. Capacity. Another essential step to consider may be the capacity level the IT professional or organization may take on. If you’re a small company or perhaps a sole proprietor, you might not have large capacity needs. However, for those who have a sizable business with more than 100 employees, you may want to locate an IT company that is an expert when controlling bigger business.

Save company data

Save company data

The loss of data stored on a computer professional can have dramatic consequences for the company. Theft, loss, computer failure, hacking, the origin of the losses is multiple; this is why data backup solutions are essential. Here is an introduction to the tools tailored to your needs and some criteria to choose.Save company data1

Why save the company’s data?

Data backup preserves the activity of the company, especially in case of computer failure. It also helps to avoid financial losses related to the disappearance of sensitive files or applications (database, customers, financial reports, etc.)

Choose a backup system

It is important to tailor backup solutions for your business needs. The choice is often related to the volume of information to be backed up, and therefore the size of the corporate network.

Some criteria:

Backup Speed: The greater the volume of data and the number of users, the greater the speed (frequency) backup is crucial. This is to minimize the loss of information. Beyond 10 users, it is better to opt for an automatic backup system (eg servers)

Reliability of the support and ease of use:

  • The life of the equipment should be at the height of the investment. Expensive equipment must be sustainable.
  • It is important to check the data sorting mode on the backup media for fast food
  • Finally, the management and administration of your backup media should be simple.

Security: The saved data must be encrypted (eg especially if remote backup)

Compatibility: Ensure that your backup solution supports Windows, Apple and Linux (can evolve your IT infrastructure).

Environmental Sensitivity: some “physical” systems (external hard drive, tape drive) are particularly fragile (heat, dust, shocks etc.)

Types of backups: several possibilities depending on the system used: full backup (all files backed up from a hard drive), incremental (backup changed files since the last backup) and differential (copy all the files from the last full or incremental backup )

Data backup systems for small and micro businesses

Very small companies can choose solutions intermediate backup little resource intensive. SMEs will opt for more sophisticated tools, with larger storage capacities.Save company data

Backup PCs and external drives

If your company has only a PC, you can schedule backups directly to your computer (see our article on restore points ). You will have parallel regularly backup your data to removable media (DVD, USB drive, external hard drives).

Advantage: If you are mobile, you can back up your data anywhere.

Disadvantages: The restore point does not guarantee the preservation of your personal data. And the “manual” copying data to external media takes time.

Backup to the enterprise server

Install an enterprise server (useful beyond 5 PC) significantly reduces the risk of lost files. The server has a tape drive that performs a daily backup.

Advantages: backups are automatic and secure. You can give your employees access codes to files stored on the server (in the case of a dynamic web server). Material costs are relatively low.

Disadvantages: backups made ​​are not always in real time (data loss risks). The restoration may require technical skills.

Remote data backup

This is a web-based data backup system your computer / network is then connected to a remote server that performs backups is slightly shifted, either in real time (according to the offers of providers).

Advantages: The backup is quasi-synchronous (minimal data loss in case of problems). Online data management (collection, grading) is relatively simple (administrators access codes provided). You can store large amounts of data (1000 GB or more).

Disadvantages: data recovery time from the server can be quite long (in, depending on your internet connection and volume information). In case of interruption of the Internet connection, backups and recoveries are no longer possible. Finally, the cost of the subscription can be high.

Should we be afraid of robots?


A question often asked about robots, is the rapid development of robotics is a danger to humans? Here are some answers from different common men.

 John Bruce : A chef says ,Robots are the future of humanity. Humans no longer have any desire to work. Our civilization is that of leisure and pleasure. Everyone tries to reduce their working time and increase that of leisure. When you go home, nobody wants to bring extra work. It aspires only one thing: to relax, have fun, relax, even if we have toiled a few hours. At this rate, the plants will not produce anything! Who can take over humans if not the robot? Eloha

Marina : A teacher says, As technology becomes more and more powerful … I fear the worst if men do not unite into a global government, composed of Philosophers Scientists, Artists etc … to work for the common good and beautiful

Lacey Chic, a Scientific Researcher says,I think if the robots are set up by responsible and competent scientists there is no risk even if they are machines, and if new technologies such as robotics, nanotechnology and computers can free man from work would give the opportunity for men to do what they like without having to spend hours to work. Of course it would robotizing any international production at the same time not to create economic imbalance better life for all is a wish of all.

Re-Mbasi , a Military man says, There is no difference between biological man and machine from the time they are endowed with free will and consciousness, human beings devoid of both is never a biological robot (the perfect military obeys without qualms) There is no reason that the robot becomes more dangerous to man than man himself, the danger once again would soldiers who s’ contrive to divert all inventions to use a warrior and with the blessing of educated people in fear that their saviors see them (the US example speaks for itself …) it will be necessary to neutralize this dangerous species that threatens future of much more than the robot man …