Should we be afraid of robots?


A question often asked about robots, is the rapid development of robotics is a danger to humans? Here are some answers from different common men.

 John Bruce : A chef says ,Robots are the future of humanity. Humans no longer have any desire to work. Our civilization is that of leisure and pleasure. Everyone tries to reduce their working time and increase that of leisure. When you go home, nobody wants to bring extra work. It aspires only one thing: to relax, have fun, relax, even if we have toiled a few hours. At this rate, the plants will not produce anything! Who can take over humans if not the robot? Eloha

Marina : A teacher says, As technology becomes more and more powerful … I fear the worst if men do not unite into a global government, composed of Philosophers Scientists, Artists etc … to work for the common good and beautiful

Lacey Chic, a Scientific Researcher says,I think if the robots are set up by responsible and competent scientists there is no risk even if they are machines, and if new technologies such as robotics, nanotechnology and computers can free man from work would give the opportunity for men to do what they like without having to spend hours to work. Of course it would robotizing any international production at the same time not to create economic imbalance better life for all is a wish of all.

Re-Mbasi , a Military man says, There is no difference between biological man and machine from the time they are endowed with free will and consciousness, human beings devoid of both is never a biological robot (the perfect military obeys without qualms) There is no reason that the robot becomes more dangerous to man than man himself, the danger once again would soldiers who s’ contrive to divert all inventions to use a warrior and with the blessing of educated people in fear that their saviors see them (the US example speaks for itself …) it will be necessary to neutralize this dangerous species that threatens future of much more than the robot man …

Top 15 Social Media Sites

On social networks, the concept of active user is essential: it allows to clearly identify the use of a network and provides a clearer picture than just enrollment. Overall, social networks agree on variable monthly active users (MAU). These members accessing or using the Service in a given month,Facebook and Twitter go further, by regularly revealing the number of daily active users. Their competitors, probably less swift about it, rarely deliver such information. By focusing on MAU, we see relatively few social networks have reached the fateful 100 million. Today, only about fifteen of them reached this critical size. Here is the list of the most popular social networks.

  1. Tencent Weibo : 100 million users


Tencent Weibo, the Chinese Twitter like second. Today it is difficult to know the number of active users on the network, but they are considered between 100 and 200 million each month to join the Tencent Weibo.

  1. Tumblr : 100 million users


In May 2013, Yahoo! bought Tumblr, a social platform of popular blogs. It has 300 million unique monthly visitors, but sources disagree on active users. There are an estimated 80 to 130 million.

  1. VK: 100 million users


VK, more known as VKontakte, the Russian Facebook. The social network Facebook copy clearly, using the same codes, the same colors and the same design. 228 million members are enrolled, of which 100 million are active. Note that it was recently bought by a friend of Vladimir Putin.

  1. Reddit 112 million users

. Reddit

With 112 million users in March 2014 and a total of 5 billion page views, we can not ignore Reddit. The community is very active and often the source of many documents posted on the Internets.

  1. Sina Weibo : 129 million users

. Sina Weibo

  1. Nimbuzz : 150 million users


You may not know Nimbuzz. And for good reason: social network accommodates only 10 million users in Europe, 9 in the United States … but 78 million in Asia! Its active members have doubled in just one year.

  1. Instagram : 150 million users


Instagram has 150 million active members. Americans account for 40% of them. Every day, 55 million photos are shared on the network, and 1.2 billion likes awarded.

  1. LinkedIn :187 million users


LinkedIn communicates very little on the number of active users on the network. According to the most recent data, there are estimated to number 187 million to 277 registered members. LinkedIn and monopolizes the first place of professional social networks.

  1. RenRen :194 million users


Renren is a Chinese social network traded. Before August 2009, RenRen was still called Xiaonei. It was launched in December 2005 by three students. Facebook like is still very popular in China, where 96% of its members are drawn.

  1. Line : 202 million users

. Line

Line is the most popular application in Japan . It allows you to send messages, pictures, videos and audio tracks easily. Its growth is exponential and incomes are already there in B2B and B2C. Twitter should take a leaf!

  1. Twitter : 241 million users


Despite disappointing results ( $ 645 million loss in 2013 ), Twitter is now part of the landscape of the most popular social networks. But the little bird will further convince the public to take flight.

  1. Google+ : 359 million users


Due respect to the gossips, Google+ is close to the podium. In just two and a half years, social overlay Google has managed to unite 359 million users. But for how daily active users?

  1. Tencent Qzone : 623 million users

Tencent Qzone

In 2005, the company Tencent Qzone launches its new social network. It can create a blog, share info and photos, listen to music and watch videos. Any resemblance to a social network in Palo Alto can not be coincidental.

  1. Tencent QQ : 798 million users

Tencent QQ

Do not be fooled by its logo, Tencent QQ has nothing to do with Linux. Chinese web service makes it easy to send instant messages. In Asia, Tencent QQ is more popular than Skype!

  1. Facebook : 1,23 billion users


Facebook is the only social network that exceeds one billion monthly active users. Its growth is still strong despite his age (over 10 years), thanks to those who access Facebook via mobile.

Some missing social media have also reached the fateful 100 million users before close. Obviously we think of MSN Messenger. Other social networks are close to the top 15 as Odnoklassniki (the Russian avant Buddies) rather mysterious on the actual number of active members. This classification allows anyway to better understand the importance of Asian social networks, which represent almost half of the top 15.

Cleaning the laptop screen

screenPresence of dust, dirt, stains, smudges and fingerprints on the laptop screen is no doubt unpleasant to the eyes. You feel irritated when you need to work on your laptop in such a state. An ideal option is to not let the screen of your laptop to put in such a poor condition. Clean it. It will be even better if you use proper cleaning and proper cleaning techniques.

Screen Cleaners Laptop are essentially of two types, commercial and craft. You can get a commercial cleaner or a cleaning solution from an electronics store or office supply store. For a little more information on the computer screen cleaning, keep reading.

Cleaning the screen Laptop With Special cleaners

If you are looking for what to use to clean laptop screens, you have several options. There are kits available for this purpose. The kit includes microfiber cloths and antistatic solutions. The directions for use are usually mentioned on the packaging. Cleaning wipes for screen notebook are also very effective.

Clean the laptop screen with a dry cotton cloth to remove dust and dirt. Spray the solution on the laptop screen and rub it on the microfiber cloth. Let air dry the screen. The anti-static solution leaves a thin film which acts as a protective cover on the computer screen. This cover repels dust and stains, keeping the screen clean for long. You can do many of these screen cleaning solutions computer at home. Some examples of solutions are hexane and water, oil and benzene and water isopropyl alcohol (91%) and water. Select and perform any of these solutions data for laptop screen cleaning. Spray the solution onto the microfiber cloth and wipe the laptop screen lengthwise. It will remove dust, smears, smudges and fingerprints even the laptop screen.

Cleaning Portable screens with household products

In case you can not spend much on cleaning the laptop screen, you can achieve impressive results using similar household products. In addition, most commercial products contain ammonia and alcohol. Laptop screen cleaning with alcohol and ammonia is never recommended because they tend to degrade the LCD screen over time. You can make a solution from substances available in your household.

A substance which is widely used for the computer screen cleaning is vinegar. Combine equal amounts of vinegar and water. Mix well to obtain a solution. Take a clean, dry cotton cloth and dip it into the freshly prepared solution. Take the cloth and squeeze to remove extra water. Open the laptop screen and wipe with another dry cloth to remove dust and dirt. Now, wipe the laptop screen with the damp cotton cloth. Move the fabric lengthwise to make them look again. Allow the cleaned and wet screen to air dry. You can find a little dust on the screen when it is dry. Remove it with a dry cotton cloth but clean. The computer screen should appear dust and shiny.

New logo design the perception of your company

logo design

You’re running your personal business but that’s not receiving much outcome and you’re getting frustrated. Now you will find choices to create new logo design design with professional logo design designers obtained online also.

Remember all of the taglines of each and every company or organizations? The solution might be partly yes and partly no. The taglines would be the expression of some ideas of the company. But you can recall the logos on most companies whose items or services we use regularly. The logos are not only seen symbols, emblems or something like that which signifies a business. A logo design of the business or company functions because the visual representation which approaches its clients or clients inside a bold way. A business or brand’s values, values and processes are combined inside a logo design. A good logo design, a great brand design and proper planning improves a small company to larger one in addition to a strong business more powerful.

A logo design designer, who’s allowing the superb logos, offers an excellent idea and a lot of creativeness in the mind. He, in the beginning begins to consider the organization items and services and also the title of the organization. A logo design will be produced by him with the organization title, some attractive colors, and never the everything of the organization but a thing that is pertinent to the service or product of the organization.

A logo design might be of numerous types:

1. Symbolic or legendary – these kinds of logos are produced by a few graphic designs or symbols that are highly relevant to the organization title, but non descriptive images. To share some message about the organization, getting feelings inside a unique strategy is all available inside a symbolic or legendary logo design. It’s very difficult to design because it is without description which signifies a business.

2. Representational – the logos which includes both text and also the symbol with pictorial representation. The sporting teams and also the packaging companies generally use these kinds of logos. The brand exists in this kind of logo design.

3. Illustrative – this logo design includes a pictorial illustration, character designs, visual branding, along with a unique approach of brands on the market. These logos express a short concerning the business and repair of the organization.

4. Letterform – a number of letters from the items, services or even the brands produces the letterform logos. Rapid type of what or even the phrases in the items or services also forms the letterform logos.

5. Descriptive – what they are called, the characteristics or the advantages of the organization are encoded within the descriptive logos. They are good at brand recognition.

6. Typographic – no symbols or symbols are utilized in this kind of logo design, rather the letters or even the words are utilized to produce the images.

7. Word mark – the organization or even the brands are designed in these kinds of logos. Various kinds of text fonts are utilized during these logo design types.logo design

For any good logo design to become designed the basic principles which were designed are simplicity, flexibility, relevancy and last although not minimal may be the creativeness from the logo design designer. Many online logo design creating services can be found nowadays with various packages.

New Fb Smileys 2014

Facebook now offers new smileys (also called emoticons) available chat! It really is not about the usual smileys “kikoolol.” These are called memes. The same are “smileys”, hand-drawn in the form of cartoons, which are, in my opinion, much more expressive! These smileys are also taken on a lot of sites, such as the excellent 9Gag for example!

But before presenting the new Facebook smiley, smiley little reminder that had long been available in the chat:



4 tips to preserve the battery life of your laptop battery

Save-Laptop-Battery-Life-It is a computer issues trendy in recent years (with the question “what is the best antivirus”): how should we manage the recharging his laptop to preserve the life of the battery? As recently as last week, I still had the right to nonsense about the use of a battery from a few friends. So let’s review what to do to take care of his laptop battery, how and when to recharge, etc.

  1. Tune in as soon as possible!

By connecting your laptop on AC power as soon as possible, you avoid unnecessary charge cycles and you also help extend the life of your battery. (An explanation of the charge cycle are available in end of article)

  1. Allow the battery when your computer is connected

Conventional wisdom is that you remove the battery when connecting the battery as there would be a risk of overload. This is wrong! Today, all laptops are equipped with PC control circuit that avoids this problem. In addition, letting your battery connected, you will be immunized against a possible power failure!

Some will say that the heat can affect the life of a battery, but if your pc is heated to the point, is that you may think to do a little cleaning or changing fan!

  1. Never leave your battery discharged

Above all, you should know that a battery cell dies below the threshold of 2.4 Volts. If you leave your battery discharged for a long time, your cells may fall below this threshold (due to a phenomenon of self-discharge) and thus die. It is therefore advisable to leave the battery on his computer. And, in case of prolonged storage, read the section below:

  1. In case of storage: 40%!

If you must store a battery for one reason or another, a charge level of 40% seems to be a good compromise against the self-discharge phenomenon.

So much for the advice! I hope this will help you maintain a healthy battery! For those who want to go further.

Food 3D printing, a tasty future technology

Great fact will be our food one day the product of a 3D printer? A Catalan company in Barcelona is preparing to market the first food 3D printer, which uses fresh ingredients as raw material.

Cooking a snowflake-shaped cake, or create custom ravioli, food 3D printing in the near future may become as common as the microwave or mixer.
The printer called Foodini uses capsules that allow cooks to insert fresh and prepared in the system. These stainless steel capsules can be washed and reused as much as necessary.
A touch screen allows you to program the machine. Connected to your wireless network, the printer can also be controlled by a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Emilio Sepulveda, founder of the start-up:
“This is the first version of our 3D printer for food. Quite simply, the machine takes the ingredients and product model. If we want to go further and create things like we saw in the Fifth Element and Star Trek, so tell the machine what you want with few ingredients, it will still take a few years. Currently, there is a much simpler approach with basic ingredients like flour and water, but eventually we will get there. ”

Food can be printed in any shape and any size; 1.5 millimeters to several centimeters for a tart. The capsules are scalable to multiple nozzle sizes of several forms, depending on texture.L’imprimante called Foodini uses capsules which allow cooks insert fresh and prepared in the system.
Traditional cooks see this technology with suspicion.

Luis Estrada, chocolate:
“I think the problem with this technology is that it be handled ingredients. When we, artisans, we manipulate the ingredients, we also manipulate the flavor. So I think we will never get the same as a dish prepared by hand. ”

It seems certain that this technology, whether adopted or not, will never replace the traditional cuisine.