6 Ideas To Stop Your Mobile phone From Liquid Damage


In the following paragraphs, I provides you with some tips about how to stop your mobile phone from liquid damage. Liquid damage cell phones have no coverage under warranty. What’s worse is that this: it is almost always non-repairable. For individuals which are fixed, the unit will no more work according to normal. You may face issues for example software dangles, energy starts over, turns off alone, etc. A great example is going to be somebody that rebounds from the stroke.

1: Never put your mobile phone on the table with drinks (any type of drinks even water). Who knows if somebody might knock the drinks over as well as your phone will be drenched.

2: Never put your cell phone inside your breast pocket. Why? It is because whenever you bend over, the telephone will drop. You never know? It could drop right into a drain or worse right into a puddle water.

3: Never take the mobile phone in to the toilet, whether or not you’re moving your bowels or clearing your bladder. One slip and also the phone will finish up in to the toilet bowl. Yes, I understand it’s boring while doing all of your business within the toilet but had better be safe than sorry.

4: Always, always remove your mobile out of your trouser pockets whenever you achieve home. Otherwise, it could finish up have fun swimming inside your washer.

5: Do not take the mobile phone towards the beach. Good sense will explain that such close closeness towards the ocean is certainly not good for the device. Additionally, ocean water consists of salt that is harmful towards the metallic parts (i.e. corrosion) just like your charging connector, headset connector, etc. Sand go for to your device that is again dangerous.

6: Rain. Never make use of your mobile phone underneath the rain. It may seem it’s ok if it’s merely a drizzle but electronics and water don’t mix. Yet another factor, I’ve come across many cell phones using the headset jack towards the top of the unit and also the charging jack at the end from the device. Both of these fittings will be the most typical entry ways for fluids. As well as, the microphone too.liquid damage

There you have it, six tips that will reduce the potential of your mobile phone being wet.

Before I am going, I must get this to last point. That’s whenever you need to take the device towards the beach. An inexpensive and quick solution is always to make use of a ziploc bag to safeguard your device.

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