6 Major Valve Manufacturers List in India


Valves are generally employed in several pipe systems to handle pressure. They also help in managing the flow of vapors, oil, gases, and liquids.

In fact, one can say that they are like mechanical switches. They almost turn the pipes on and off. Alternatively, they can either raise or lower the amount of fluid flowing through them. As mentioned above, they can regulate gases as well as liquids. If you have a gas cooktop, its the valves that turn the gas up and down. Similarly, they are present in our cloth washer too that manage the water supply based on when the drum rinses out.

India boasts of tremendous potential in the pump and valve manufacturing. India provides several advantages to foreign investors as far as low manufacturing costs, value addition, domestic demand, technology, and export potential as well. Besides this, it also provides lucrative incentives related to taxes and subsidies. Consequently, Valve Manufacturers List In India consists of numerous manufacturers renowned worldwide.

The net value added by the pump and valve industry to the Indian economy is above 20% which is highly significant. The growth rate of this industry in India is almost 10% which exceeds the global rate of above 6%. Moreover, India exports valves and pumps to more than 100 countries. Given the Annual growth rate of 9%, the valve market in India is expected to go past the USD 3 billion marks by 2023. All these factors make Valve Manufacturers List in India pretty long.

India not only provides brilliant opportunities for international collaborations but also, a scope for valve manufacturers list in the industry to grow. The domestic growth rate has been around a healthy 16-18% in the last couple of years. Valve Manufacturers List in India compromises of the following major players-

  1. L & T valves: This company is known for providing flow-control solutions for critical services. It is a subsidiary of L and T and has been around the circuit for over 50 years. It manufactures and provides valves to important sectors of the economy such as pharmaceuticals, fertilizers etc.
  2. VIP Valves: It is considered to be the leading valve manufacturer in Mumbai and one of the best in India. This company was established way back in 1978 by a technocrat who possessed an experience of 37 years in designing and manufacturing industrial valves.
  3. Hyper Valves: It is another popular name in this circuit. They own a brand name “Hyper Valve” and supply and export industrial valves to their clients all over India as well as abroad.
  4. Amco Valves: It is unique in providing stainless steel ball valves and their valves are employed for high pressure and temperature applications. Their products are available with TFM, PEEK and metal seats and are often used in Chemical and Process Industries.
  5. Kirloskar Valves: It operates in Pune and they also work on pump manufacturing. It was established way back in 1888 and incorporated just a few years later in 1920. It is known for expertise in engineering and fluid management.
  6. Racer Valves: Late Shri Kishorbhai Panchal established this company in 1997. Started by an individual with an aim to dominate the market, this company has come a long way. Constant hard work and dedication of the man allowed it to grow exponentially and become a notable name in the circuit.

The Indian government’s current major focus is to invest more in R and D and technology to catch up with the ever-increasing demand. Heavy investment is still required in the following areas to take the Valve Manufacturers List In India to great heights:

  • Power generation
  • Petrochemicals
  • Gas and fertiliser plants

Moreover, as per the current future plans, almost 90% of the offshore manufacturers are expected to invest their time and research in the development of the concept of “smart valves” over the next few years.


Since the valves are a pivotal part of all manufacturing and technology companies, valve manufacturers in India are widely looked forward to. Indian manufacturers are rising up the ranks at a brisk rate and have started to be recognized worldwide. India is one of the best emerging economies of the world and thus allow ample opportunities for a lot of players to add their names in the leading Valve Manufacturers List in India. Besides a rapid expansion in demand for energy and development of pipelines, a lot of mergers and acquisitions have also helped the demand for valves in Inda.

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