Pick The Right Smart Phone That Suits your Needs


Have you ever wondered how smart phones have changed our lives? Earlier it was just a simple cellular phone that allowed us to dial calls and take calls with an added feature of sending messages. Now it is not just a phone but a complete package of entertainment where you can access anything that you can dream of. With Play Store apps you have all web pages available that you seek on a computer. So basically, it is minicomputer for us.

There are various brands that keep us occupied in different ways. Every brand comes out with latest features. It is up to us how we decide which feature is a necessity. To make our life easier CompareRaja uploads all electronic devices including smart phones on one page, from more than hundred online sites to help us compare the price list of all. This is to make your life simpler so that you don’t miss any brands.

Chinese brands are taking over the market in electronic devices. Two such companies, which have recently made their names are Oneplus that was founded by the vice president of Oppo, Pete Lau who is now the CEO of the current firm.  Although this brand was banned in India in 2014 as they were alleged of shipping phones that had Cyanogen OS software but, later this ban was lifted and these smart phones were shipped to India again.

Another Chinese famous brand is Vivo which was launched in Dongguan, China they develop their own software, and is currently among the top 10 companies that have a market share of 2.7% globally. Its international expansion started in 2014 with Thai market. This company was quick in launching its products all over the world. By October 2015, this company was famously known by everyone in India.

Buying the right brand is very important, but what is more important is how you buy it. If you don’t know the basic tips of buying a smart phone then you might end up with something weird and you will start looking for replacement in a year. Hence here are some basic tips for you –

  • Processor should be good because that increases the speed of your smart phone. Also, if you have proper Ram which is more than 3GB then you can not only access social media and browse other thing but you can also play games and access multiple apps.
  • Often it is seen that people are more interested in the storage space because that makes it simpler for them to save more photos, videos and files. Thus, look for RAM that is more than at least 16GB.
  • Display is also important because if your screen is small your display of images will also be small including the keyboard which makes it difficult to access everything properly. Also, when you have a camera on your phone always check its pixel and sensor sizes instead of just megapixels.
  • Always check the capacity of your battery because more capacity gives more life to your battery.
  • Lastly, buy a smart phone that includes latest software and technology, this will give you access to many other latest benefits.

Hence, whenever you plan to buy a new phone always ensure that you try your luck by analyzing these few things online associated with the brand.

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