Your Ultimate Guide to Using Agile Scrum Methodology in Mobile App Development


When it comes to project management in mobile app development, the most common practice is agile scrum methodology. When you follow this methodology, it increases the value of your mobile app, decreases time to enter the market, results in higher quality management, and better transparency among team members.

By understanding agile scrum methodology, you can make the entire process of mobile app development efficient. Here is a simple guide on how to use agile scrum methodology:


Product owner

The main user or a vital stakeholder of the mobile application is the product owner. In other words, the product owner is a representative of your users. The product owner ensures the project is up-to-date.

Scrum master

The scrum master is one who has sufficient knowledge about this methodology. It is the responsibility of the scrum master to ensure the team is progressive and productive and act as the intermediary between the product owner and the scrum team. If there are any bottlenecks, the scrum master will resolve the issues.

Scrum team

It is the job of the scrum team to complete the various tasks of the project. It consists of developers, support staff, and testers, who work together to develop and integrate important features for the mobile app.


Product backlog

The product owner is in charge of the product backlog, which you can compare to a list. The product backlog consists of all the tasks the scrum team must complete, according to the wishes of the product owner.

Sprint backlog

The scrum team will go through the list of tasks in the product backlog and prioritize them accordingly, which forms the sprint backlog. In other words, the sprint backlog is all the tasks the scrum team has to execute.

Product Increment

Every member of the scrum team will need to deliver a result, which meets the expectations of the product owner and the rest of the staff.


Scrum meeting

Scrum meeting will take place every day once the scrum team starts working on the list of tasks which require completion from the product backlog. During the scrum meeting, the scrum team talks about tasks completed in the previous day and the current plan.

Sprint review

Once a sprint cycle comes to an end, the scrum team will show the product to the stakeholders. They will also analyze the sprint to find out what was and wasn’t effective. The results will become the goals for the next sprint.

After the scrum team learns about their strengths and weaknesses, they will learn valuable lessons on how to improve efficiency. By understanding what has to be done, agile scrum methodology allows continuous improvement in mobile app development to take place!

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