10 Interesting Features of 9Apps


With increasing use of mobile phones and other smart devices there is a need to manage them and maintain them. The main task is to make your device even more useful than it was when you bought it. Not everything you want will be available in your mobile phones. You need to do something for making your phone up to date and even more convenient for use.

9apps had helped a lot in modifying your device and making it convenient for the user. 9apps is an application that gives exposure to other application that is useful for the people. Applications can be downloaded anytime as per the convenience of the user. Some great features of 9apps are as follows:

  1. Category: All the categories that one needs to have in his mobile phone is available. Categories like dating, travel, games, health & fitness, etc. are available. There are more than 20 categories that people can choose from.
  2. Secured data: The data of the users who download any application and share their information or some other details remain safe and secured. User has the full privacy in terms of his shared information and other details.
  3. Availability of apk file format: Not every apps provider has apk file format for every application that is available for download. But 9apps has built in apk format along with the particular application.
  4. Don’t take too much space of your phone: 9apps download only takes 3-5mb of space is required which is quiet reasonable and anyone having a smart phone can afford to have this much space.
  5. Suggestion feature:The application is built in such a way that your interests gets analysed on the basis of your search and download history and your app will automatically show applications that are related to your previous searches and downloaded history.
  6. Rating: It provides feature of star ratings to every user of application so that people can get to know about the application actual review and then make the decision whether they have to install that application or not.
  7. Free download: The download of 9apps is free and even for the other applications that you need to download from 9apps is also free of cost.
  8. Comparison: 9 apps help you in drawing comparisons between different sites of e-commerce. This is one of the latest features that we can get on 9apps now.
  9. All under one roof: Every application that the user needs can be downloaded straight away by just opening the treasure that is 9 apps.
  10. Upgrade: All the updates of the applications are available from time to time on 9apps. Upgrading the 9apps version and other applications as well is important because the android version keeps on increasing and it is necessary for all other applications to increase their level as well.

9apps application is not difficult to understand. It is simple and makes every mobile phone modifying and better for using. 9apps had turned out to be the one of the safest applications and best among other app provider.

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