The Importance Of Charts For Mobile Applications


For humans, there’s no sense as important as our sight. Our eyes are the most important tool we have to interact with the world. So it should come as no surprise that visual aids are key to our learning processes. In fact, 90% of the information our brain interprets is visual. And this is why charts never go out of style.

Charts allow companies and services to present complex information intuitively. Information that would otherwise slip our minds. As such any presentation needs to pay close attention to their charts regarding both their function and design. But nowadays cellphones and other mobile devices reign supreme, so it’s also important to optimize charts for their use in modern technology.

Mobile and PC design isn’t interchangeable

While mobile devices are nowadays mini-computers in all but name, this doesn’t mean that content for both platforms is interchangeable. Think about the way you handle your cellphone. You have no access to a mouse or a keyboard, so you input information differently. You likely hold it vertically, so the direction of the screens is completely different as well.

Websites have shown the importance of designing content explicitly for mobile devices. And just like websites benefit from having mobile and desktop versions, so do charts. Mobile charts have to be designed in a completely different way. The visual space in both devices is completely different. And the size changes as well. As such it’s important to use software that is 100% meant for android and iOS charts.

Presenting information more efficiently.

At their core, the main function of charts is to present information more efficiently. A good chart allows people to easily grasp a large amount of information and compare it with just a glance. And this is even more pronounced when you are designing content for mobile devices. Android and iOS charts need to show as much information in a smaller working space, and this can be challenging without the right tools:

And this is why I recommend you take a look at SciChart’s chart tools. Their Software is completely designed for mobile devices and this means they approach charts with a unique design sensibility. Their charts and graphs have more vibrant colors and larger fonts. This means information can be grasped and differentiated with less effort. However, it’s their 3D charts that take things to a next level, as the addition of depth allows them to hold more information while still being easy to grasp. On top of that, they offer real-time information updates and the software is designed for seamless App implementation. It’s everything you could ask for in regards to mobile devices in a single package, and it doesn’t get more convenient than that.

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