Video Intercom System: More Than Just a Security Device


With crime rates escalating, it’s no big surprise that the safety of homes and loved ones have taken centre stage. Installing the video phone system at the doorstep is the answer! It not only provides safer premises and peace of mind but a host of other benefits.  Read on to learn more.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a video door phone? The security benefits right? It is undeniably a useful tool that ensures top-notch security and protects the home and inmates from unwanted intruders. The equipment empowers the resident to identify the visitor from behind a bolted door and make sure only trusted or approved people are granted entry to the house.

But that’s not all! The device doesn’t just act as a safety barrier. It offers a lot more. Let’s dwell on some other advantages.

  1. Remote Access to Door:

This feature enables occupants to unlock the door for guests remotely. Incorporated with a lock-release control, they can buzz in visitors from anywhere in the house with a simple click. This is especially handy for the disabled or senior citizens who may find it cumbersome to physically get up and walk to the door to open it, every time the bell rings.

  1. Requires Less Physical Interaction

Thanks to the high-quality voice and video support the occupants can carry out an effective two-way communication with the visitor without any physical intervention. In fact, authenticity can be verified by checking details of ID to ascertain the motive behind the visit. The safety mechanism also allows inmates to carefully evaluate any potential risk before granting access to a stranger. A lot of times, it is only required to talk to the visitor, which can be done from within the safe confines of the house with a video phone.

  1. Do Not Disturb

Want a few hours of privacy from the outside world to relax or just take a nap? Worried about the bell ringing right when you go for your afternoon nap? No worries! A video door phone can help accomplish that. Just activate “The Do Not Disturb” function and enjoy complete peace of mind without any annoying intrusions for the set period.

  1. Helps Monitor Activities Around the Premises:

The video door phone is a great way to monitor what’s happening in and around your premises. The cameras installed at strategic locations can give a clear view of the activities outside. Besides keeping an eye on kids playing outdoors, you can raise the alarm and alert security on perceiving suspicious movements or any threat without opening the front door.

Packed with innovative features, the video intercom system is a useful amenity for modern households that offer multiple benefits. Apart from enhancing the level of security at the front door and safeguarding against predators, it allows efficient 2-way communication and keeps visitors at bay when you don’t want disruptions. Let’s not forget the convenience of remote access feature for the elderly and disabled.

What say, still have doubts whether the safety equipment is a smart and worthwhile investment?

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