5 Reasons why you need to perform 9Apps install on your phone


While there are a number of official app stores out there in the market, there are many amazing app stores off from the mainstream. They offer many additional features that the mainstream app stores cannot offer because of their policies. In this article, we shall explore the 5 reasons why you need to perform 9Apps install on your phone.

What is 9Apps?

9Apps is basically a mobile application downloading platform started by the Alibaba group of companies in 1999. Just like Play Store, there are applications across genres offered by the platform for download and use, many of which are not available in Play Store.

How does 9Apps offer those apps not available on the Play Store?

Each company has its own set of terms and conditions of using their applications. Each app store will also have its own conditions to showcase these apps. Rules applicable to one platform may not be applicable to another. So, the developers of an app read all the terms and conditions of the platform which will showcase it for download by their users.

Each app store will also have its conditions to accept applications from the developers. So, each and every application available in Play Store or any other platform will be posted only after both the developers and the company mutually agree on certain conditions.

So, applications present in 9Apps which are not available on Play Store might be because an agreement was successful between 9Apps and the developers which was not possible with Play Store.

So, you must consider performing a 9Apps install if you want to experience all the aspects of the Internet and mobile applications.

Why perform a 9Apps install?

#1 Lighter on your phone

The app, unlike other app store apps it comes with very less memory usage and helps to conserve your resources and use the available resources to their optimum. So, with 9Apps, you are less likely to experience phone crashes with this being the victim.

#2 Safe and Secure

Each application listed on the platform is tested extensively for viruses and serious bugs and only then are released for public use. Even the developers are verified and authentic. So, there are fewer possibilities for you to encounter any safety issues.

#3 Compatible with Android

9Apps is compatible with almost all the versions of Android – right from 2.1 éclair to the latest Nougat. There are different versions of the app available for each Android version. This helps you to enjoy apps, without being worried about technicalities.

#4 Free to use

There are no subscription fees as such to download and use 9Apps. So, you can procure the actual apk from the company’s website and use it for free.

#5 Ease of Use

Unlike many other applications, the most used options are easily accessible and you can easily search for your favourite app by searching through the search bar. What more, there are applications across genres and there is something for everybody. You will not be disappointed, no matter what you are looking for.

So, these were a few things that you need to know about 9Apps install. All the best!!

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