Why is the Euro Truck Simulator 2 still one of the best driving simulation game for many years? Find out here


Driving a car in a video game is somewhat out of control always where you always get chased by cops or you just want to step the pedal to the metal, however, there is a game that secretly has a huge following which is slowly breaking through the mainstream gaming world. This is the Euro Truck Simulator 2 which low key one of the best-selling games in Steam for many years already.

What makes Euro Truck Simulator 2 one of the most popular driving game is its technicality where you do not just have to drive crazily around town because you have a mission as a truck driver to deliver goods from point A to point B which is designed in real-life, meaning, you have to travel far distances to reach your destination, however, you should arrive there without any scratch or dents of your truck.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is described by many as a very peaceful and therapeutic game because of its real-life driving scenario where you are virtually driving a truck that technically needs a lot of things required to do like checking the engine oil, the correct water temperature, the air pressure of both the brakes and the tires and the fuel level as well. Not to mention other aspects like the correct seating position of the driver, the correct position of the rearview mirrors and anything that you can think of that is happening in the real life that you have to simulate in order for you to pass a mission.

During your drive, you have to maneuver the truck correctly, steer the wheel correctly in sharp curves and drive safely especially when there is bad weather at a road where real-life traffic simulation is also happening. For more information about the Euro Truck Simulator 2 check out this link https://install-game.com/euro-truck-simulator-2-download-ets2/.

What makes it relaxing is that you are not required to shoot anyone, you are not competing with anyone on the road, it is not a race, but a game which requires driving prowess of a driver, and also you will get to drive along a scenic route in the Alps, Austria, Netherlands, and another European countryside.

For one, this game is very well made and it also comes with a lot of European touches to it compared to other simulator games which are predominantly developed and designed the American way. This makes your gaming experience a lot fresher not to mention that the game’s developers SCS Software has been carrying out a lot of changes and redevelopments as per the suggestions of the fans and its loyal followers because of its fairly good engagement with the community to make the game perfect as much as it can.

What makes the newest version of Euro Truck Simulator is that players can freely modify the game based on their preferences and imaginative designs through editing workshop tools and mod tools where they can also share their own modded game to the entire gaming community to make it feel fresh and relatively new to everyone at the same time it retains the level of excitement and keeps the players base interested enough.

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