5 Techniques to Keep your Website Fresh in 2019


Building a website is not a one time project. You can’t build your site and then walk away from it and never worry about it again. Far from it. In order to stay relevant, and to have your site continue being effective, you must make regular changes to it that will keep it fresh and active. A dead, stale site is not going to do anything for your business.

But changing things randomly and haphazardly just to be able to say that something is different is not any better than simply letting your website moulder. It’s important to make thoughtful changes to your site that will improve its effectiveness and continue to get your the visibility you need.

Post Fresh Content in Blog Form

SEO experts like the team at Firestarter SEO will tell you how important it is to constantly have updated content on your site. Search engines take this into account when ranking your site—they attribute higher rankings to sites that have been updated recently or that show a record of being updated regularly. New content is also beneficial when it comes to your human visitors. If you establish a pattern of regular updates, you’re giving them every reason to come back and see what’s new.

Read and Interact

If you have a thriving blog, hopefully you have readers and commenters. It’s a good idea to stay engaged on that part of your site. Enter into discussions with commenters. Answer their questions and respond to their comments. By doing so, you’ll show them that commenting on your blog will lead to actual conversation, and you’ll encourage them to pay a repeat visit.

Add Videos

New kinds of media will certainly stand out on your site, and adding short videos is a great way to enhance the content you already have. Consider filming a product demonstration or a tutorial, or even an interview with a prominent figure in your company.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to add fresh content to your site on a regular basis without your having to do much work. Create a portal for customers to submit their thoughts and comments to you, and then simply select the best ones and post them to your site.

Update Main Page Content

Yes, even your homepage can benefit from a regular update! Post new products or company news so that visitors see something fresh when they navigate to your main site. You should also consider redesigning your site every now and then to stay current with online trends so that your site doesn’t start to look dated.

It’s easy to keep your website looking fresh and up to date as we move forward into the new year. Make sure you update regularly.

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