A detailed aspect of TV and Internet


Television is the source of entertainment and it will force a medium of exchange of news and shoes are in black and white or colour video images and sound. There are so many channels of entertainment news and movies et cetera on television packages.

Internet is the today’s generation needs there’s nothing can be done without Internet make it and it is necessary on phone and computer on TV also.

There are so many TV and Internet that is available by many providers and which provide good internet speed good picture quality more channels better network and summer for a low price and many more different packages are billable by the providers have to choose according to your financial capability and according to your need.

There are many television providers of different-different categories and types.

Amazing perks:

  • Free entertainment as we have already television in our home and there is a label and easy entertainment option so we do not need to leave the house for entertainment.
  • There are so many different channels like DIY channel cartoon channel 3 channel discovery channel TV reality shows in many more.
  • Television can be your constant companion or partner is most people prefer to switch on the TV and do their work their daily life work.
  • There are many educational television channels also on the television that will help you or your children to get an education through television it are more interesting to get visual education.
  • Your children will become more intelligent or smart by watching a good TV channel
  • Television also lead to bonding the family together as family watch television together end even when everyone is so busy nowadays good option.
  • You can connect to the Internet to your television then there will be more advantages available to you.
  • If you love you watch more TV and watch your favourite shows music videos connected to everything that is your label online.


  • Television can make you lazy as this is a big disadvantage of all time let people become lazy by watching television they watch it too much and avoid going to their friends and family I am just out and watch TV instead.
  • Television can be addictive and make you habitual of watching it daily.
  • Some channels so violent and abusive to be sure let me led to negativity in your children’s lives and you are too many people who learn what they watch.
  • It can damage your health is some studies have found that there is a connection between watching TV and obesity people just sit on the couch and watch TV and this will give them a variety of health problems like the problems behavioural problems and back problems.
  • Many product advertisements or shown on TV like alcohol and many food items this advertisement get into your mind and set an image and increases your desire to have that whole.
  • Children may get disturbed from their studies as it will make their habit of using internet on TV or just Devi and see their favourite shows.
  • It also leads to wastage of time and forgetting the important work that to be done.

Sectors affecting TV and Internet purchase

  • Purchase of television and Internet packages mostly affected by the facilities that they provide to the purchaser.
  •  The cost involved is also a major factor that affects individual buyer.
  • Every individual buy anything capable and shoot their preferences mostly.
  • A number of channels, quality video, quality picture, and quality sound networks all are the factors that affect TV and the internet.
  • Offers and discounts by the providers also affect the purchasing of TV.

Facilities of internet and TV

  • Communication service exchange of information from one individual to a group of individuals or another through video calling through online calling.
  • Search web World Wide Web is available to wish you can search anything that you want to.
  • The ability of video conferencing facility.
  • File transferred to one and another.
  • Restoring his services through an application.
  • Like you can get access to online shopping app online food apps food delivery and payment entertainment app et cetera.
  • Everything gets easy when you use the internet connection on your phone on your computer and your tab and your TV.
  • Television gives you the facility of a big screen.
  • The ability of better sound and good picture quality.
  • Source of entertainment.
  • Information about the news through TV channels.

TV strong reach to the home and also offer internet cable it will be greater scope for future growth of internet usage in the home. And it also must be pointed out that watching television may have many disadvantages advantages also, it also leads the nation and it of television and internet as people are becoming obsessed with the internet and receives entertainment 24 hours a day.

Television at self is not a problem but the number of time people invest or spend watching it that is the problem and everyone should be concerned about their self and watch accordingly.    

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