C-Fly Obtain: The Affordable Mavic Clone


The C-Fly Obtain F803 is an unapologetic duplicate of the prevalent and impressive DJI Mavic. Regardless of whether the Obtain is collapsed up or unfolded for flight, its similitudes to the Mavic are irrefutable. Not at all like a great deal of the shoddy imitators, the Obtain really has some impressive features. This Multicopter is empowered with GPS and GLONASS, it has capable brushless engines, and it has a variety of flight modes.

Explore the C-Fly Obtain F803 in its minimized state.

What is the C-Fly Obtain F803?

The C-Fly Obtain has some impressive details. You’ll get a flight time of up to 22 minutes, which beats the littler DJI Spark. It likewise has a best speed of 33 mph (54 kph). The range on the C-Fly is constrained to an irrelevant 300 meters, which might be this current automaton’s most noteworthy weakness. The Mavic, obviously, is more impressive, with a 27-minute flight time, top speed of 40 mph, and a 4.3-mile go.

The C-Fly Obtain F803 comes in dim dark or white.

The Obtain ought to be genuinely steady with its double GPS/GLONASS framework. It likewise has an altitude hold indicator that should help keep up a reliable altitude. While the Obtain ought to remain moderately steady, the Mavic is a standout amongst the most impressive automatons we’ve found as far as dependability. We don’t anticipate that it will be so steady as the Mavic, however it should in any case be superior to anything generally rambles.


The camera on the Obtain is fit for 1080p video at 25 fps and 3.7 MP stills. While 1080p is as yet considered by numerous purchasers to be a worthy determination, the still picture determination will probably abandon you longing for more pixels. They could crush a 3-hub gimbal on this automaton, and it ought to make a better than average showing with regards to of keeping the video stable.

Flight Modes

The Obtain has some impressive flight modes. It has a one-key come back to-home element that will likewise actuate if the automaton loses association with the transmitter. You can set it to take after waypoints. It likewise has a tail me mode and a circle mode.

Remote Control

The Obtain is $399 on the off chance that you buy it without a remote transmitter, or $499 on the off chance that you buy it with the transmitter. We would suggest that you buy it with the transmitter. Flying with a physical remote is substantially less demanding and expands the range. The video from the automaton is transmitted by means of a Wi-Fi flag and will show 720p at 25 fps while it records at the higher 1080p determination.

Would it be a good idea for you to obtain a C-Fly Obtain?

At $499 (with the prescribed remote) the C-Fly Obtain is just a large portion of the cost of the DJI Mavic. It would appear that a Mavic and has a considerable measure of features of the Mavic. It, notwithstanding, is not a Mavic. The Mavic is a fantastically impressive machine.

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