Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plug-in is easy to use



Gone are the days when coding for Coming Soon pages started to begin with scratches. You’ve to spend hours hardworking on writing and designing the HTML and CSS codes. But nowadays it has been so easier with WP Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plug-in. All you need to do is to install the premium version of this plugin and within minutes you’ll get a proper, attractive Coming Soon page for your website.

The Premium version is more effective and will do all your works to set up the perfect Coming Soon and Maintenance mode pages so that when visitors come to visit your site, they don’t get disappointed. This page will keep up their expectations during repairing your page in some bugs issues.

Important Features of WP Premium Plug-in:

  • It has 400,000+ free great images that’ll do better works even than words. It also includes several interesting Instagram filters.
  • It offers you remarkable, easily customizable themes that are vital in professional works. You can build any brand’s page perfectly within minutes with this WP plugin.
  • It has multiple interesting and popular themes so that you can use those easily and quickly. The themes include food blog, wedding blog, default, the big city newsletter, business, stylish workplace, parenting etc.
  • The premium version is quick, simple and smooth to use. It gets your things done faster and saves time.
  • It has the top-class SEO setup. This has built-in tests, checks, and guidelines. As a result, this enables your website number one rank from the first month.
  • It also has the Secret Access Link feature that allows only the clients to see with ease the coming soon page while you’re still working on it.
  • This plug-in easily collects emails. It supports your webinar, auto responder, CRM, and marketing software. This also can push subscribers into them. For additional requirements, you’ve also got Zapier.
  • It has a drag & drop system so that you can place and replace the elements of your site easily.
  • It gives you a vast designing option on the background, fonts, cover image, logo, header, content, video, map, social icons etc. to customize your page as you wish.

Reasons to use Coming Soon & Maintenance Pages:

There are many reasons and importance of using a Coming soon page or maintenance page. Such as –

  • It keeps your visitors busy before launching your website properly. Also, it buys you some time so that you can work on your website.
  • The maintenance page attends your visitors while you need to remodel or repair or redesign your running pages for any sort of trouble.
  • Coming soon page makes positivity for your website’s pre-launching phase.


So you don’t need to worry anymore for a perfect coming soon page to keep your visitors busy. Thus you’ll not get embarrassed with the visitors and this will also lend you some time to make your site perfect before launching it live to the world. As for remodeling or repairing your site, you can give a message to the daily visitors through an attractive maintenance page.

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