Better Details for the best Affiliate Programs Now for You


As a reminder, affiliation is an e-marketing technique to performance. Specifically, the advertiser (affiliator) remunerates publishers (affiliated sites) in exchange for a contribution of sales, registrations or traffic. At least, no risk of unnecessary visit, you only pay if the user performs an action.

An attractive affiliate program

Encourage affiliates to join your program by highlighting your strengths: price, niche, product quality or method of remuneration. Do not hesitate to put a description, opinions and statistics.

Be reactive

Respond quickly to requests from affiliates or they will go see a competitor. Keep them well aware of the performance of campaigns (traffic, sales, lead etc.).

A complete advertising kit

Propose as many advertising formats as possible: text links, banner, skyscraper. Do not forget to update it to boost your affiliate network. For the hustlelife this is perfect now.

If you start in affiliation, we recommend the affiliate AffLight platform which remains a family business, free, and listening to the big players in the market. What’s more, AffLight means that your account is credited in real time, as soon as you have reached 25 € in profits, AffLight will give you back.

And there are people who rarely order (if ever) who may also be interested in a digital product for sale, and who will think twice before launching, even more if the price passes the bar of 50 Euros . It’s up to them to think about choosing a product with a quality sales letter.

Is the information available easy to find for free? The second important point to think about. Weam thinking for example of cooking recipes. Imagine an eBook containing 100 pizza recipes. Now look at the number of pizza recipes you can have for free by doing a search on Google for “pizza recipes”. It is obvious that you will lose some customers on a product like this.

The product sells well?

Depending on the case, you will have access to an indicator of the success of a product. You can see for each product the interest for the affiliates. The higher the number, the more the product is sold. You will quickly be able to see what is selling well in each category.

Unique content

Content publishers are often on the lookout for the latest trends and news. You have just returned a new product? You have scheduled a special promotion period? Share with them your news. Give them the opportunity to be the first to communicate about these events to their readers. By doing so, you will show the trust you have in them. You will confirm their status as ambassadors for your brand.

Exclusive offers

 If they are fond of the latest news, content sites also love exclusives. Providing a blog with an exclusive discount code that can be shared with your community is one of the most effective ways to get people talking. Content publishers like to please their audience. And as everyone knows, realizing some savings is always pleasant. By doing this, you also promote impulse buying and optimize the ROI of your campaign.

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