The process of resharing videos on Instagram


The feeds of the social media are full of videos, photos, and text updates from the brands that you follow. However, Instagram is a bit different as you can look at a single post at one time. It is a clean and simple interface that focuses on interesting videos and beautiful photography. If you want to know how to repost videos on Instagram then there are many ways to do it. The methods are free; you just have to download the app from the Google Play store or the iOS App Store. Download Repost for Instagram for either Android or iOS. These devices integrate with Instagram directly and this way, you can share the content from your mobile devices. When you get the video that you want to repost, then tap the menu and then copy the URL. Thereafter, open the app and share the video on Instagram.

Take a screenshot

If you have limited space on your mobile device, you can opt for the manual route. You may use the screenshot option of your device. The users of the iOS device can take a screenshot by hitting the power and the home buttons simultaneously. The process may differ according to the Android device you are using. Screenshot can be taken by pressing the power button and the volume down simultaneously. After taking the screenshot, you can use this option to repost the photos by selecting from the gallery. Ensure to include the username of the original author. You may apply your personal filter and type your own caption. It may happen that the original caption did not fit during cropping, so, it is always a good practice to mention the username of the author or to type the original caption.

Copy-Paste the URL of the post

If you do not know how to repost videos on Instagram then mind it that this option will not let you repost a post of Instagram within the Instagrambut it will help you to repost videos as well as photos on the other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. For this, you have to know how to get the Share URL of the post. If you are not aware of how to get it, you have to visit the post that you like and tap the three dots icon present at the right-upper side of the post. You will get a notification that the link was copied successfully into the device’s clipboard. With this option, you do not have the credit the author. Add a caption and then post it.

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