How to use Twitter


Twitter is a means of communication that is also known as “microblogging” and is that only 140 characters are allowed to give a news. With this new conception of communication, Twitter has emerged as one of the most popular and essential social networks of the moment.

In a how we will teach you how to use Twitter and you can understand words like “retweet” “hashtag” or “trend”. Start in the world of Twitter!

Short messages

To know how to use Twitter, the first thing you should do is create an account. Once you have it, you will see how in your home panel you will see a white box where you can write your news, but you should know that this box only supports a maximum of 140 characters: therefore, one of the features of Twitter is inform your contacts in an instant, fast and concise way.

The action of posting a message on Twitter is what is known as “tweet” and the particular message that you have published is called “tweet”.

Followers on Twitter

The concept of “follower” or “follower” also belongs to the world of Twitter and is that this social network allows you to create a list of friends, as in Facebook, but in which there is no reciprocity; that is, on Twitter you can follow the information published by a person, such as Madonna, but she does not have to follow you so you can see her news.

By following certain profiles of Twitter, every time you enter your account you will see the latest news they have published: that is, if you follow Madonna and she has put a “tweet” of your next concert, you will read it on your wall. In addition to people, on Twitter you can also follow entities, such as a newspaper, the town hall of your locality, etc.

Conversations on Twitter

To know how to use Twitter you should know that you can talk directly to another person on Twitter in two different ways:

  • Public conversation: you can send a message to a specific person but publicly by putting the @ symbol in front of your profile name: this act is called “mention”. Following Madonna’s example, if you would like to ask her, directly to her, when she will come to act in your city, you could send her a public message by putting “@Madonna” in your tweet. Being a public message, anyone can read it and, if you want, you can also comment.
  • Private conversation: If, on the other hand, you want to send a message in private to a Twitter profile to talk about a topic that you do not want other people to be able to read it, you can do it by clicking on the “Messages” option that appears at the top of the screen, as we indicated in the attached image.

Share a news on Twitter

It is very common that while you are connected in this social network you will find a news that you think is of interest to share with your contacts; on Twitter you can share the information by carrying out an action that has been dubbed “retweet”.

Doing in “retweet” or “RT” means sharing information that has published another Twitter profile, therefore, it is not information written by you but it is something that another voice has said in the social network.

We continue with the example of @Madonna: imagine that the artist has posted on her Twitter account that the concert she was going to give in your city has been canceled. This information may be interesting if you want your followers to know about this news, therefore, you do not need to publish a tweet with this information: you just need to click on the “Retweet “option that appears below each message.

Tags on Twitter

Another of the essential tools to know how to use Twitter are tags or “hashtags”. As we have already mentioned, Twitter is a social network of short messages, at most, of 140 characters, this means that on a specific topic there are a lot of tweets that talk about the same thing: to group them, the hashtags are used.

The tags on Twitter should be written with the use of the pad before putting the word on the label, for example # mundialfutbol2014 would be a label that was sure to be used a lot in the summer of 2014.

However, there are also labels that are not temporary and that talk about a specific topic, such as #reflex ones or #librosparaleer. In the case of Madonna, for example, a very useful hashtag would be #conciertosMadonna.

The most popular hashtags on Twitter, that is, the topics that most people are talking about on the social network, are known as “Trends ” and you can consult the most popular ones on the bottom left of your wall, just like you We show in the screenshot.

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