How To Design A Website When You Are Not A Website Designer


A website is the main element that helps user to know about your business. If you are willing to design your own website, but what if you belong to the banking sector and have all your expertise in finance and banking. In that case, you must have got a question how to design a website or to whom you should consult to overcome this challenge.  The answer is very simple that there is no need to gain technical or designing knowledge to design a website. This can happen with the help of tools or platforms that are available easily and allow you to design the desired website as per your wish.

It is not compulsory that a great looking website should cost a fortune! With the help of some basic tips and tools, you can design a fully functional website.  Here you will get to know the tips and ideas on how to design a website.

Basic of creating and designing a website:-

1) Plan your website design

2) Get hosting plans as per your requirement

3) Get a website builder

4) Add content

Plan Your Website

It is crucial for the website owner to plan thoroughly before investing in the development of the website.

1) How your website is going to look?

2) How your website is going to run?

3) What will be the colour combination of the website?

4) What kind of images do you want?

5) Placement of the categories and other attributes of the website

6) Placement of website menu

Get An Appropriate Web Hosting Package

Your website has to be hosted on the web hosting platform for people to view it online. You need a domain name and URL for your website. You will come across a huge number of web hosting options; select a web hosting platform on the basis of the following points:

It is crucial to get a web hosting platform for your website to view it online globally. For that, you need a domain name and URL of the website. There are end numbers of web hosting providers in the market and it is a tough call to select the one as per your requirement.

Reliability:- Reliability is the one factor that every user looks in the provider before signing up. It is your duty to check the uptime and other factors of the provider.

Storage space and bandwidth:- Yet another crucial factor in web hosting is storage space that’s required to store your website files. If you are starting with the basic website then you can opt for shared hosting, but in case you have a large website then you can consider VPS Server Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting India, Cloud hosting India.

Scalability:- If your website is getting 10k traffic per day, then there is the chance that your website may get down or crash? To avoid such situation you can opt for cloud hosting where you get automatic vertical and horizontal resource scaling for handling the traffic spikes.

Security:- Security is must for the website and it is web hosting providers responsibility to offer a security with the plans. Check whether you get 24*7 support, backup and restore facility, malware scanning and protection against DDoS attacks.

Get a website building tool:-

Once you are done with the domain name and signed up for a web hosting account, then its time to design a website that not only look great but easy to manage as well. A website builder tool is a solution to design a website. For the purpose digital marketing professionals need to visit and get better solution to design a website. As I said before to design a rough layout of the website, so with the help of site builder you will get your website in short period. We at MilesWeb offer SitePro website builder included in most of the hosting plans.  With the help site builder, you can design a professional website without any technical knowledge.

Some striking features that you get with SitePRO are mentioned below:

  • Develop unlimited numbers of attributes and sell different types of goods and services in one store.
  • You can easily customize website style, currency, columns, size and shape of the images, thumbnails and more.
  • Choose the type of view for every website category.
  • Design your own custom filters for a better search function on your website.
  • Enable one-click purchasing
  • Include a wide range of online payment gateways
  • Get access to more than 190 templates for setting up the website
  • Get a wide range of plugins
  • SitePRO offers you 45 languages to design a website
  • Design a responsive website to view easily on any device

Add content:-

After selecting the ideal website building tool next is to add content to your website. Below mentioned are some basics which will help you to set up your website.

  • Home Page:-

The main page of the website is the home page and it should be informative and impressive. Your website home page will decide your user count whether they are going to stay on your website or leave it without browsing it further.

  • Product and services pages:-

Yet another important page that describe your business and what type of services or products you are selling to the audience. You can add images, videos or proper description content to help your visitors to know in depth about your product. Include product pricing, payment options, shopping information and return policy.

  • About page:-

Include detailed information about your startup, vision, mission.  Additionally, you can add yours and your team members and testimonials images.

  • Contact us:-

Contact us page help the user to get in touch with you. Add various modes to contact you like phone number, email address, office address.

Due to growing competition, all of us aware that a website plays an important role even if you run a small website.  User prefers to shop, make payments, book hotel rooms, etc in their free time and therefore it is crucial to get a website if you do not want to lose your customers.

Author Bio:-

Ekta Tripathi:- A passionate Digital Marketing Expert and Content Writer working with MilesWeb. I am passionate about writing blogs related to information technology and Digital Marketing. In my free time, I love to watch news channels and hang around social networking sites.

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