Today, the world of technology is getting more and more modern and people are easily creating an app. Recently, there is SVGator which is an SVG animation creator created to create animation in the SVG format with very good quality graphics. Everyone can use this app, even if it’s a non-technical person. This app offers some ease of the advantages of creating high-quality animations using SVG format. To make SVG animation is not complicated and difficult. It means easy enough. This is because you can use SVG animation creator so that what you need is only creativity and ideas in creating an animation that is interesting, nice, funny, and cool. Then, how to animate SVG? Below, we tell you how to create an SVG animation.

How to Create A Cool Animation Using SVG?

Creating an animation is a very interesting thing for people, especially for those who are art lovers or who works as a graphic designer. However, for some beginners, they may not know how to animate SVG. The steps are:

  • Prepare your creativity and ideas. First of all, you have to find the idea of ​​what animation you will make.
  • Use a tool or application to design the picture. For example, using Adobe Illustrator. You can design the image you want there.
  • After designing the image, you can save it in SVG format (.SVG). Then you can open the SVG file in an editor code.
  • Look at the code in the code editor, clean up unneeded code like DOCTYPE and so on. Then give shapes, classes, and so on.
  • Copy and paste SVG into HTML and animate it.

Advantages of Creating SVG Animations in SVGator

Below are some advantages in making an animation using SVGator. these advantages include:

  • No need to have skill in coding.
  • You will gain experience in creating SVG animations online.
  • For those of you with coding skills, SVGator provides a visible and editable code manager that generates SVG code.
  • SVGator can be used by anyone who wants to create animation with the SVG format.
  • You can create SVG animations by simply applying animated presets of the animations you have selected.
  • You can create SVG animations quickly.
  • SVG animation file size is unlimited and provides the best quality.
  • File size is smaller than GIF but not blur when zoomed out.

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