Let’s Talk about Waterproof Speakers


Why Do You Need a Waterproof Speaker? Waterproof speakers are generally made of corrosion resistant materials. Wind, dust, sun, water and movement are all things that make every-day speakers no good if you need them outside, or somewhere the weather or environment makes it steamy or wet. Although many brands and models of waterproof speakers have not been tested against things like saltwater and sunshine, I can bet that they will survive a lot longer than ones that aren’t.

I am an audiophile. When I go to the beach, I like to have some music, when I take a shower, I like to play my favorite tunes and belt out a song or two. Have you heard the acoustics in the shower? No? Well hush. I have a hot tub on my deck, it’s an indulgence I enjoy almost daily and you will even find when the weather is starting to cool, I will still be out there wondering whether to embark on the journey back inside and possibly risking hypothermia. And when I venture out in my friend’s small boat, I want to listen to some relaxing jingles that might relax the fish I want to catch.

It makes sense if you are like me and enjoy the outdoors you will want to trade playing music from your smart phone in some of these situations and get a waterproof speaker that suits your needs. Technology and music accessories now go hand in hand. There is a speaker to suit every budget and any scenario. In my shower I have a Splashtunes Pro Shower Speaker. At just under $40, this small pastel colored ball can be paired with my iPhone and has a microphone so that I can take a calls. It has about 12 hours of battery life a suction cup for placing it in the perfect position.

The buttons are also big so that I could easily skip songs while washing my hair. It also came in handy when I was washing the car the other day. For the rest of my activities I found this awesome Willnorn Portable. For the price and its size, what stunned me was the sound quality. I took it to the beach and the battery lasted the whole day on full volume. It also remembers my phone and connects automatically. Sure there are new speakers around that do more things and I own a few, but this one would have to be the easiest to use. It totally possible to live without a waterproof speaker, but why would you want to?

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