What are the Different Kinds of Mobile Phone Headsets Available


For whatever reason, mobile phone users usually wish to have their hands free while carrying on talking on the phone. For a number of people, it’s an issue of convenience: they would like to be able to carry out other duties with their hands, like maybe typing or getting some housework done.

For others, it’s a matter of safety: they wish to be able to chat on the phone, and keep both hands free whilst driving. In which case and as you can possibly imagine, that has given rise to a whole range of different kinds of mobile phone headset.

Shapes and Sizes

  • The various types of mobile phone headset certainly differ in style, size, and cost.

  • Often, they are made particularly for a certain brand of mobile phone; whereas others, are made for universal usage.

  • Some mobile phone makers include one kind of mobile phone headset as an incentive to purchase a particular brand of mobile phone.

  • However, the determining aspect in most headset purchases is in most cases down to personal preferences.

Traditional and Modern

The most traditional style of mobile phone headset is one that resembles the headsets of yesteryear – a pair of headphones with an attached mouthpiece. These earphones can be big enough to cover both ears and the mouthpiece on this type of headset is adjustable with a wire that links the headset to the mobile phone.

  • A more modern type of mobile phone headset is one with just an earphone.

  • This more contemporary looking headset clips onto an ear and also works as a microphone.

  • Manufacturers claim that the technology used to create this design allows for intelligible conversations.


  • The most technologically advanced type of mobile phone headset is obviously the wireless headset.

  • This type of headset comes to us in several variations.

  • Mostly, these headsets perform on the popular Bluetooth® wireless technology, which eradicates any need for a wire to connect a mobile phone to a headset.

  • A number of these Bluetooth® wireless headsets resemble large paper clips when attached to a user’s ear.

  • And just like the one-ear earphone headset, the Bluetooth® wireless headset also has the microphone fitted into it.

The various kinds of mobile phone headsets have been designed and made to help make using a mobile phone a lot more comfortable. If you’ve ever been on a mobile phone and chatting for longer than an hour, you are aware of the feeling of a stiff neck and a tired hand from holding the phone to the side of your head for so long.

Even when you change ears and hands it still feels uncomfortable after a while. By simply using a mobile phone headset, you can eliminate any type of physical unease.

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