Milan Audio Concepts: A new definition to sound


Almost all the audio we hear has been continuously evolving from the past decades and is taking into new form of acoustics with each and every new development in the audio technology. The ways we experience music has been transformed dramatically from the way it’s recorded, produced and listened. And also there have been some pretty innovations in the sound equipment too. We have definitely come a long way from gramophones to cassettes, CD’s, digital music, MP3s and separate music streaming services. There are many companies which have brought a significant change to the industry of sound equipment. Milan Audio Systems is one such establishment which delivers high quality audio and video products to the world. They are in constant search for new technologies in the world of acoustics and continually strive towards customer satisfaction and needs. They have brought many new designs and innovations for audio and video devices. One such exemplary device is Milan Audio Concepts VR-5.

To get an amazing sound experience, one must always opt for the sound equipment that gives an optimal sound quality. Before buying a home theatre or audio systems, one must always check the product specifications and features. There are many types of home theatres and audio systems available in the market. But, Milan audio systems company has created a special place for its best innovative products and one of their home theatre systems also won the prestigious European Hi-Fi award for the year 2016. They offer a wide array of products in this area such as Milan Audio Concepts VR-5, Milan Audio Concepts M-6, Milan Audio Concepts LS-9, Milan Audio Concepts KM-10, etc. Below are the specifications and features of VR-5. 


2.1 channel capability: Rather than a general two speaker system, VR-5 with 2.1 channel capability provides the customer with the best home theatre experience. This system consists of two speakers and one subwoofer for playing audio. It is great for movies and is also less clutter free when compared to all the wired channel speakers.

Bluetooth: This feature allows the customer to enjoy hands free music experience. User can play their favourite playlists wirelessly from any smartphones or tablets.

FM digital tuner: It can receive radio frequency transmissions. Since it has a digital tuner, one can listen to the digital version of the audio. User can enjoy the high quality music from his/her desired radio station.


VR-5 is designed to be compatible with any type of television. It comes in a sleek, stylish package and projects astonishing surround sound effects. After connecting it to its single subwoofer, you can easily connect it to your TV with a single cable. One can also have a wireless music experience. VR-5 can also memorize up to 10 devices for immediate reconnection. It comes with a 10 inch bass driver, which is known to output the best bass punch. For giving the customer, a better audio experience, any TV remote can be learnt by it. The table EQ button marks the VR-5, easy for any installation. The independent volume control on the subwoofer allows you to set up bass sounds according to your own taste. It comes in two finishes, professional black and aluminium platinum.

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