HD Formatted in RAID System – RAID Data Recovery Options


Recovering formatted HD in RAID system or with deleted data has several recovery indexes. Here are the most common cases:

1 – HD recovery formatted with RAID reinstallation

There are two methods for trying to recover data on formatted disks:

Full HD scan – When possible, rebuild the directory tree by accessing a copy of the old MFT. In this mode, the files retain their original names and folders.

RAW mode scanning – When recovery using MFT is not possible, all physical sectors of the disks are scanned for digital signatures identifying the file types. Files of the same type have in their header patterns at the beginning or at the end of the file. This method cannot rebuild the original file names, and you can only recover non-fragmented files.

2 – Recover formatted HD without OS reinstallation

In this case the chance of success is very great, since it has been used the fast formatting of Windows. If you formatted the disk in slow mode, this overwritten all sectors with “zeros” and data recovery will be impossible.

  1. Deleted files

If the file was deleted and the space that was used was not reused, restoring raid data in nyc is usually possible.

Deleted files from SSDs are in most cases impossible if the disk is using the TRIM command. This command removes any traces of the deleted file, zeroing out all the information that existed.

Recovering data or deleted files in safe way that has been overwritten is impossible with the recording technology currently used on the hard drives.

The myth regarding possibility of recovering this kind of overwritten files comes from the time of diskettes and hard drives with old technology.

This was why it was feasible to read “dashes” even after erasing or overwriting the files by calibrating the position and sensitivity of the read heads.

Modern systems use tiny trails and high precision calibration of read heads, close to the edge of the magnetic data recording technology.

Therefore, these companies claiming to be able to recover overwritten data cannot be trusted.

4) How do I recover data from formatted HDDs?

If the HD does not present physical problems, the entire process is done via commercial software. In more serious cases, alternative techniques and other programs that are inaccessible to the public, which are part of integrated data recovery solutions, may be used. Look for such techniques at this site.

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