Learn ManyChat Bots and Other Messaging Applications to Grow your Business


These days, digital marketing is very challenging. Competition is very tight, and oftentimes feels like you need to fight nails and tooth to get the attention of every customer. A lot of people are starting to get frustrated. Maybe they are looking for any advantage over their competition, or maybe they are finding new ways to communicate with their consumers that is not already saturated with digital marketers.

If that is the case, you are in luck because Facebook Messenger Marketing or FMM is in an excellent position to be one of the world’s best marketing channels in the years to come, and companies who are using this fast-changing platform are going to have a significant edge over their competition.

If you want to have an edge over your competition as the digital world moves farther away from electronic mail and towards social media messaging applications, keep on reading because this article will serve as a guide for you. Discover why social media messenger applications are so huge, why they are still growing, how you can properly use these apps to help you improve your business as well as your brand, and get a step-by-step guide of the industry-changing software from FMM, the ManyChat.

In this article, we will discuss messaging apps like getting a ManyChat course and techniques to help you transition from the traditional way of communicating with a more active social media messenger.

The communication world is changing

The way people are communicating with each other is changing hugely. Just compare people today,how they communicate 10 to 15 years ago. If you are like the majority of the people, you might have shifted from the traditional phone calls and electronic mails or e-mails and towards SMS and social media messenger applications.

Like most people, you might prefer using communication that is easy to use, convenient, always at the palm of your hands, and instantaneous. And because a lot of us use smartphones as our main gadget and our primary way source of communicating with other people, a lot of people prefer a smartphone-friendly communication.

Social media messaging applications are the best solution to this problem

Messaging apps are intuitive and fast. The response you will get is short and very easy to read. And most especially, people like to use them. These are some of the reasons why applications like this have become very popular among the new generation today, and why they are an excellent channel for digital marketers who are looking for new customers and finding new ways to grow their business.

What is Messenger Marketing? Why is it essential?

Messenger Marketing is a kind of marketing products and services to your target market using social media messaging apps. You can create a list by getting the attention of potential customers and new leads, nurturing them by sending new and quality contents via messaging apps, answer their questions, and convert the leads into paying customers.

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In concept, it is very similar to marketing people uses email as a marketing tool. But in practice, MM or Messenger Marketing is a littledifferent compared to email marketing Messenger Marketing is much more conventional and it makes people feel a lot more personal, wherein emails are more formal and businesslike. Also, unlike email where click-through and open rates starting to decline every year, Messenger Marketing is rapidly growing. The reasons for this include:

High engagement rates

According to a 2016 Status report that compares click-through and open rates from different kinds of emails, they found out that the average mail open rate is about 5.9% to 18.8% and the average CTRis around 0.4% to 2.1%.

If you compare it with Messenger Marketing where digital marketers currently have an open rate of 80%, you’ll start to have an idea of the potential of the new marketing platform. A lot of people are more likely to click and open a messaging application than they are with emails. That is good news for a lot of companies that are hoping to engage with their possible leads and prospected customers online.

Want to know more about CTR or Click-through-Rates? Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Click-through_rate for more information

Messenger applications have less problems than traditional communication like email

One of the beauties of using these apps is that they can provide a smooth user experience with little to no friction. By comparison, you need to remember all the problems that comes with using emails:

First, just by checking your inbox, you will probably see the difference. If you are like most people, your email inbox contains a lot of unread messages, maybe thousands of messages. Looking at the “open loops” is it can cause anxiety to the user, especially when you know it will take hours or even days to sort out and organize the unread messages. Second, the email comes with constant threats of getting viruses and spam messages.

We are overwhelmed with unwanted emails almost every day, and maybe know a friend or family who accidentally downloaded a worm, trojan, or virus from these innocent-looking spam emails. So, trust in email marketing will continue to decline. And lastly, you need to consider how much work there is to be done opening, reading, and engaging with these unread emails.

Emails used to have a lot of text, and depending on the device you are using and the email, that text may or may not have a proper format for your device. Imagine reading hundreds or even thousands of emails with the wrong form. That will be excruciating and very frustrating, especially if the email is crucial.

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