7 WordPress plugins to display a mild popup


wordpress_pluginsWhether to display an information message or disclaimer, to increase your Facebook fans, or invite your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or your training emails, you may need one day need a plugin WordPress that displays a popup. Traditional popups (that open a new window) are obviously outdated (bad user experience and blockage by uncommercials). So to avoid this, we turn to solutions of non aggressive popups that are displayed directly above the web page. Here are a few WordPress plugins that allow you to display a:
WordPress Popup
Fully customizable, possibility to position the popup, putting conditions on the display (on a given page if the visitor is logged in or not, etc.), to postpone the display (eg, after 5 seconds), etc. . Extension very full that I recommend! Only flaw: it does not gray background (which, I think, reduces the visibility of the box).

Simple Popup Manager
A little simpler than WordPress Popup, this plugin provides the basic functionality needed: length of the cookie, displaying a html block size configuration popup, etc. A very useful option is the debug mode that displays popup only for the connected administrator.

WP Popup Scheduler
Like WordPress Popup, this extension is customizable at will: an ability to display html code, position the popup to postpone the display, etc. Only downside: the author says on the official website that he no longer maintains this plugin. We can therefore expect to accounting problems. Moreover, it does not work if you also uses a cache plugin like WP-Cache or SuperCache.
Pop-up to share
This extension is only dedicated to displaying a popup says “social” in the configuration, you indicate your Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+ page. It will look for you to show the LikeBox Facebook or Twitter Follow button. The idea is not bad, but the lack of customization is lacking: no way to configure the layout, colors or the content of the displayed box. So if you want to change to your preferences, will have to put their hands in the dough and dive into the code
VR Splash Screen
This plugin displays a splash screen on top of all your site (like Allociné.fr splash screen). In addition, customization is low: one can view it as an image, not a way to add custom HTML code.
WP Splash Image
At first glance, WP Splash Image has nothing to envy the plugins listed above. However, I have not been able to test it: the configuration form tells me constantly that there is a problem with the dates of beginning and end … (The lazy to go fix that). Someone was able to test this extension?
WP Super Popup
As WP Splash Image, I have not been able to test it locally (parameterization does not register). Since the other plugins for WordPress Popup presented above suit me, I did not try the problem with WP Super Popup. Too bad for him!

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