How QR Code Scanner Works in Paytm


Bar codes or QR codes include specific symbology that is described in the height and width of the bars and the spacing between the bars. The Paytm OR coding is using same technology to alleviate your shopping experience. These bars might represent numeric data, character data andalphanumeric data based upon the type of symbology being used. QR of Paytm includes a start bar and an end bar that allow the scanner to read the data precisely. Some of the QR features have another bar before the end bar and they are popular as checksum bar code. Once the QR Code scanner calculates the sum, it will be verified with the value of the checksum bar for ensuring the accuracy. The complete procedure ensures exact calculation with minimal errors.

QR code scanners read QR coding that have photo sensors, which are used to convert the bars in the bar into electrical signals as it is being scanned. Because of the reasons that bars of QR coding are distinguished by their width, height and spacing, their measurement is done by using QR code scanner that recognizes and converts electrical signals from the bars into readable characters. The complete Paytm QR scanning does not take more than a few seconds. These are available in a variety of models and a few popular ones are the gun model, portable variety and countertop model.

The simplest type of QR scanning is connected to the PC and the keyboard and it allows the scanner to read the QR data. Then it will give the information into the PC with minimal fuss. This model is the most used model that can also be connected to serial ports or USB wedges. Cordless scanners are also in great demand and they work in same manner as cordless phones or cordless keyboards do. These kinds of QR services connect through radio waves with the base that is connected to the PC and their working is similar to regular scanners, accepting the fact that data is first transmitted to the base and then those data will be sent to the system.

Cordless scanning features are usually short distance services and they should be within a specific range of the base for transmitting the data accurately. These are preferably used when the user needs to give input data simultaneously along with the scanning and this is very effective when the user needs to go through menus for selecting the correct option. Around all of these QR devices come with a keyboard that the user can use to select the product. Other types of QR features are also there such as wireless ones, charge-coupled scanning features, laser models, LED, handheld models, counter scanning, fixed-in-counter scanning and belt scanning.

Use of Paytm QR code scanner comes in play for different kinds of transactions. Paytm QR can be used for requesting money when sender mentions the amount, requesting Money when receiver mentions the amount and sending money to other’s accounts.

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