Electrical Rubber Mats Spread Their Demand Beyond India


In today’s world of electrical safety uncertainty, it is crucial for business owners from any industry to install rubber mats that never compromise on the safety front! Yes, if you are also one such end-user who’s supervising an electrically sensitive establishment then it’s high time to opt for such mat installation. Here, you also need to see that which kind of matting is needed for the purpose. Such insulating mats are now becoming immensely demanding & their demand is spreading even beyond the shores of India across the globe!

IEC 61111:2009 – An interesting example of insulating mats:

You may come across a number of electrical insulation mats in the industrial market but one of them that sets itself as an example belongs to the IEC 61111:2009 standard category. Yes, these particular mattings are coming into great demand on a pan industry basis where electrical safety is a big and at times contentious issue in many nations. Yes, it is not just an India specific issue but even in developed economies, electrical safety is surely a BIG deal that leads to the requirement and installation of insulation mattings. The mats that adhere to the IEC 61111:2009 standard are just one of them.

Application Areas galvanize the product demand globally:

It’s all about the application areas that make the IEC 61111:2009 standard insulation mats very much in demand among a number of end-users. Here are some industrial or commercial application areas where these mats are utilized as follows:

  • Near HT/LT Control Panels:

The mats can be utilized at an establishment where these panels are used in full swing. You can realize that these panels are utilized for high tension cables. The abbreviations: HT stands for High Tension while LT stands for Low Tension. They are apparatus that deal with larger equipments such as generators as well as transformers.

  • Outdoor/Indoor On-site use on Live Equipment:

Now these are equipments used at construction sites, factory sites and what not! Possibilities are numerous so the utility of these mattings can be in any environment under or away from the open sky. Yes, these mats exhibit a great durability factor for such equipment utilities.

  • In front of Switchboards:

As you can realize that an electrical switchboard is meant to be a device that directs electricity from various or even a single source of supply towards a number of smaller usage regions. So this device acting like a hub of sorts needs to be handled with utmost care. Hence, the personnel supervising these devices surely need these insulation mats under their feet.

  • Transformers, Generator & Lift Rooms:

Now these are hectic sized electrical equipment where these mattings that follow the standard set by the International Electrotechnical Commission can be utilized with full force. Now transformers are meant to increase or decrease the voltage of an AC current.

  • Electrical Substations:

They are equipment meant to deal with generation, followed by transmission and finally distribution of electricity. Such sensitive locations surely need these mattings to be installed over there.

  • Around Buss Bars:

Lastly, electrical bus bars are meant to be conductors or at times a group of conductors meant to gather electrical energy from incoming feeders and further distribute them towards outgoing feeders. Now these equipment also require these mattings’ presence robustly.

Well, these are some of the immensely popular application utility areas where these mattings can be installed with perfection. If you as an end-user have to deal with any of the applications stated above for your business then it’s high time that you place an order for these robust mattings.

Yes, the establishment may be a part of a factory, a large steel plant, a shopping mall’s generator room or any other place where electricity flow is rampant! Whatever the establishment may look like in terms of its construct and operations, these mats are a must-have for you to keep them running. Why so? Just keep reading to know more about these mattings in an elaborate manner.

Safety is a basic necessity in the form of insulation mats: 

Safety first is something you must have heard about since childhood days in every aspect of life that too when any product or service is involved. Yes, the same logic, rule or philosophy as you may call it applies towards insulating mattings too! These mattings are designed in a way to strictly follow the Insulation Mats (IEC 61111:2009) quality standard in terms of Mechanical Properties as well as its external features.

Yes, any workplace personnel can work near switchboards or any other equipment without the fear of getting electrical shocks. These staff people also do not need to worry about issues such as floor slippage because any liquid spilled on to these mats can be cleaned off without leaving any droplets or even stains. Yes, such mattings are immensely robust that require minimal amount of maintenance. You can also be rest assured of their providing a great amount of service (work) life that is not in terms of years but in terms of decades.

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