Why it is important to regularly clean your marketing database?


Nowadays, all marketers have started taking their data seriously. They are realizing the importance of data cleansing.

If the marketing data that you have stored isn’t clean or in other words, it has become stale, it is never going to help you in making better making decisions.  Data cleansing is hence necessary. As the name suggests, it is the process of removing outdated and incorrect data on a regular basis. More and more organizations are now moving into the data driven marketing approach as it allows you to respond to the changes in customer dynamics quickly. It lets them see why customers are buying certain products from you or leaving your competitors.

If you haven’t thought about cleaning your marketing database yet, here are some reasons why you should give it a second thought:

  • It helps you stay ahead of natural decay

Yes, even your data will have an expiration date. You can expect 22.5 percent of your email list to decay in a year. Data decay can happen for lots of reasons. Apart from clients, even employees change jobs. So you have to get rid of the data that has become outdated.

  • You will understand your customer base better

Your customer base will shift over time particularly if your business has changed its direction. The more you understand your customers, the more effectively you will get to market them. Inactive and old contacts are a waste of time. As you clean your marketing database, you will get to know who is reading your emails and why.

  • You will employ an accurate marketing strategy

With a clean marketing database, you can integrate your marketing strategies across multiple departments. Since different teams will be working on separate sets of data, if the marketing database isn’t clean, the teams will be creating strategies on the basis of incomplete information. On the other hand, when you consistently clean your data, it lets all the departments to work towards the same goal effectively.

  • What does a clean marketing database mean?

Here is what a clean marketing database actually looks like:

  • Validity: The data should be accurate and it should be valid.
  • Accuracy: All the customer information in the database should be up to date. Ensuring complete data accuracy is not hard. You must have the most current customer information as possible.
  • Consistency: All the data sets have to be consistent. There are times you are dealing with duplicate data and you don’t know which values are correct. If the data is clean, that means you will have no duplicate customer information.

Whether it is your closet that you are cleaning or the marketing database itself, once all is cleaned up, you will come to know about the gaps that exist. It will then be easier for you to make improvements in your marketing strategies since the data will be put to the right use.  So, if you have finally decided to clean your marketing database, your next quest should be to find out how to clean the database. You can thank me later for this.

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