Wow Developers Revealed The Top Changes Coming in The Battle For Azeroth


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You will be happy to know that WoW is launching a new product named as World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and its release date is estimated to be August 14, 2018. People unaware of the Battle for Azeroth should know that it’s a heroic saga that Azeroth fought fiercely for his fellow men and laid down his life. The entire series of Azeroth is available on Gamivo.

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Five biggest changes in the Battle for Azeroth:

WoW, developers have confirmed the following five biggest changes that they have brought in the Battle for Azeroth to bringing a fresh perspective and the new challenges in the game. Those have essentially added a whole new dimension to the game.

  • Heroes becoming the living gods: Here, heroes who had fought for years (precisely, the last 13 years since the launch of the game) with the Legions’ crusade would now be enjoying a bonus. Having said that, we mean, gamers who had achieved the level cap 60 earlier will now be rewarded just the double. The old gods will be replaced by these new living gods as the game now
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence: Until now, most of the enemies in the World of Warcraft attacked with vigour and an amount of threat. Now, AI takes the centre stage to outwit the enemies.
  • Island expedition: Here, you will secure Azerite as much as you can with the help of artificial intelligence and competing against others.
  • Optional PVP Player vs Player): In its new avatar, the Battle for Azeroth has made PVP optional.

On a holistic basis, the Battle for Azeroth promises to bring a fresh perspective into the game thereby would lift the mood of the gamers for sure.

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